Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand was made by Edmund Zebrowski, who also made the Day of the Dead Lenormand. Edmund's work is quality across the board. I love his creativity and artistic visions! It feels like he sees opportunity where many others don't think to look. He is currently working on the Lenormand de Marseille.

Pixie's Astounding Lenormand is currently on its third printing in its mass market form. I previously owned the second edition, but passed it forward a few years ago and later came to regret my decision. It was so good! I was just too concerned with how precious it was to feel safe while using it daily. A mass-market edition takes the fear away from me for good.

The conception of this idea was in my opinion very brilliant. It filled in a huge gap that was missing. Once it was out, I noticed that the system was so cohesive that it had brought new life to Pamela Coleman Smith’s illustrations. It’s a gorgeous deck of cards! The packaging of the tin and the thoughtful wrap with a blue P (for Pixie) seal are really stunning. I gasped when I took it out of its light blue tissue paper because it is such thoughtful presentation. It got me very excited to use the deck. The quality of the card stock is very good and thin. They fan out nicely and they have lovely card backs. A great new design choice!

Reading with the cards is great. They have a very straightforward quality of reading that is a necessity to read the Lenormand. They’re very terse and to the point, also. They read exactly as a Lenormand should and will provide great accompaniment to a tarot deck. I like that if you spend time with them, you can find out exactly what they mean to say and you can weave a thoughtful story for yourself.

The card illustrations themselves really impressed me. I love that they are so cohesive in style, and while they are familiar, they also pack great surprises. Some of the more creative decisions made sense to me and even made me smile. The card stock is very sturdy and will hold through just fine when used. It comes very thoughtful booklet, this one is autographed by the artist. Usually I tend to side step the booklets that come with decks, but this one has a lot of useful information. You can apply all of the cards to romance and finance, as well as whether they are positive, negative or neutral. Lastly, you get time suggestion and sources for the art.

Using this deck has an element of nostalgia because of the style. It makes me feel as if I’ve gone back in time to enjoy a delightful summer vacation, spending time reading cards. The evocative quality of this deck makes it very pleasant to use and helpful in grounding yourself for a reading. Simply thumb through the cards and enjoy the grounding experience. These cards take me to a very pleasant place where it's always Saturday morning and an adventure is not too far. I can hear waves crashing in the distance, and gentle blowing of the wind.

When I compare color schemes, I feel like Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand fits best with the Centennial Edition of the Rider-Waite Smith. I personally enjoy the colors of the Original Rider-Waite Smith Tarot with the checkered cerulean backs. That is the version I most prefer for use side to side with this Lenormand deck.

The truth is that you don’t need a tarot deck to deliver strong readings, and this deck will prove that effortlessly. The Lenormand is a robust system that can provide hours of reading time as you work your way across a complete Grand Tableu spread. Even the Square of Nine spread is going to provide you with more than 15 minutes reading time once you get past the obvious connections and into the deeper messages contained in the spread.

What is your most important characteristic?
The Cross. Starting with a heavy hitter! It is important for people using this deck to understand that it is not a tarot deck, and all of the myths surrounding card reading should be put to rest. Instead, approach this deck with a clean slate upon which to build new experiences if you are not yet familiar with the Lenormand. See this as a new starting point in your experience as a reader. End of the comfort zone.

What are your strengths as a Lenormand deck?
The Moon. There is beauty contained in these cards. A shroud of mystery goes away as you look into the tableau and work your way through the magic of the cards. Get creative with how you approach the cards, enjoy the mystique of the experience. That same mystifying quality is what will attract people to your reading table. They won’t be able to resist their curiosity!

What are your limits?
The Lady. Limits, if any, will be imposed by yourself. You are free to do as you like with these cards. There are possibilities without limits. You are to become your biggest enabler and best representation.

What are you here to teach me?
The Fox. These cards will help you quicken your wits and provide easy identification of the aspects in the readings that work agains the querent. Using these cards you will have a great understanding in picking out what does not work.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
The Child. Approach the deck with a fresh mind, as if you were taking your first steps in the journey of cartomancy. Look to re-learn what you already know and enjoy the experience as one that will help you grow and mature. Enjoy the process.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The Key. Keys open doors to opportunity. This deck can be an assertive tool to find out the truth. Keys stand for unlocking hidden wisdom and secrets. This can be interpreted as a tool to unlock secrets about your life and that of the people you read for.

Which card do you want to show off?
The Dog. The overall mood of this deck is friendly and non-threatening. There is no nudity or offensive content. You can spread the cards out over any reading space and delight your querent with this pleasantly universal deck. Using these cards will help you bond with your future querents.

How do you see me?
The Fish. I see in you an independent person who works arduously in the craft of fortune telling. You wish to sustain yourself with your efforts in card reading and you work very hard to make connections with those who respect your work.

How do you see yourself?
The Mice. I do not wish to be used for the wrong intentions. I do not wish to feed the ego, I wish to be used in a constructive way. I want to have people identify key issues in their life to help them feel empowered. If anybody feels like something is being taken away from them, I am there to expose the situation and bring them clarity.

I loved the general reinforcement of these cards providing you with a reliable source of information. This is a really great deck! If you wish to get your own special edition copy, please visit Delphi’s Chamber. I'm getting myself another copy too!